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At Bulldog Investors, our goal is to solve two common issues most investors face: minimizing risk while producing equity-like returns.

Our clients, high-net-worth individuals and wealth managers, many of whom have trusted us with their funds since our firm was founded almost three decades ago, enjoy our proven, time-honed, and systematic investment process that strives to provide the comfort and risk mitigation of owning a bond, while attempting to provide returns only an equity exposure can produce.

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Bulldog Investors proudly offers its event-driven, opportunistic style of investing to individuals and wealth managers through separately managed accounts (SMAs).
These private portfolios offer investors access to our investment process in a manner that is personalized, transparent, and specific to the investor’s individual risk profile.
It’s true, investors can have their cake and eat it too. There exists a strategy that will protect and grow your capital: blank check companies.
Their unique characteristics provide attractive risk adjusted returns with virtually no downside risk. Blank check companies begin with an IPO, where investors swap their cash for a stake in the new blank check company.
Looking for reliable income that helps reduce your tax liabilities? Bulldog Investors offers separately managed accounts that invest in municipal bonds and municipal bond closed-end funds.
Income earned on these investments is exempt from federal tax and oftentimes from local and state taxes. Additionally, Bulldog applies its proprietary shareholder activist techniques to generate capital gains for its investors.

Bulldog’s leadership team will help to protect and grow your wealth.

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Investors who are interested in learning more about our unique investment approach that is designed to manage risk, reduce volatility and utilize our activist roots are invited to contact Thomas Antonucci at (201) 881-7102 or tantonucci@bulldoginvestors.com.