About Bulldog Investors

At Bulldog Investors, our goal is to solve two common issues most investors face: minimizing risk while producing equity-like returns.

Our clients, high-net-worth individuals and wealth managers, many of whom have trusted us with their funds since our firm was founded almost three decades ago, enjoy our proven, time-honed, and systematic investment process that strives to provide the comfort and risk mitigation of owning a bond, while attempting to provide returns only an equity exposure can produce.

This consistent, disciplined, and transparent approach has led to attractive, risk-adjusted returns that have outperformed the market while inspiring investor confidence via lower long term volatility.

While there is value in riding the broader market’s ups and downs, our approach is slightly different. Instead, we employ an event-driven approach to identify undervalued investments. From there, we leverage our team’s meticulous analytical capabilities, breadth of expertise, and close industry relationships to extract value, always with the end result of delivering risk adjusted returns to those we serve – our clients – top of mind.

Those that have come to know our firm understand that our focus remains on identifying undervalued assets, buying them at a discount, and then using our inimitable process and skills to close that discount. However, each position we take represents an investment with solid fundamentals that we can validate with extensive research. We owe it to our clients to employ this bottom-up, fundamental exploration of each asset we invest in, and we only target securities we truly understand and can appropriately value. We believe in this approach so much that we ourselves invest our own money with Bulldog.

Our track record of prudent wealth management has given way to a reputation in the market of being honest, fair investors. This reputation allows us to not only be efficient event-driven investors, but to build and continuously retain the trust of our clients. It is this undeniable commitment to the client that drives us to never back down from a challenge when there’s value to be realized, and to always lobby on behalf of our clients’ best interests. It’s in our DNA. It’s the Bulldog Investors way.

Bulldog’s Client Relationship Summary